I Am Annoy!

The gold sellers have invaded the Burning Sea! Over a week ago, FLS Community Director Troy Hewitt (Aether) issued this announcement, to the delight of many:

This evening, Flying Lab Software staff issued a series of permanent bans as a result of gold selling activities by players of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Additionally, 24 hour bans were issued on multiple accounts found to have participated in the transfer of this illicit gold.

In the same announcement, he urged all players to report anyone who approaches them seeking to sell gold. I was impressed because in all my past MMOs, gold sellers were always the pariahs but nothing was ever done to punish the buyers. Surely I thought, this would take care of the problem once and for all! That same evening while playing the game, I got about four solicitations and smugly reported all of them. The funny thing was, as soon as one of the rats was banned, another one would immediately take its place. They all had similar names (Zsmdgfadhga something) and the same MO – they’d send you a private message ingame and were very subtle. They wanted you to visit their website “to be friends and make you play the game more freely”. The website wasn’t as subtle – it sells Pirates of the Burning Sea doubloons for real money!So anyway, you’d think with FLS’ strict wielding of the banstick, these gold sellers would be gone the next day right? Wrong! It actually seems to be getting worse and the subtlety has all gone.

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I have no idea how these people continue to thrive against all odds. All I know is… I am VERY annoy!


  1. Loktofeit says:

    It just seems really hard to believe that they haven’t been able to block them out yet. Honestly, just frikken ban China from NA/EU MMOs. Until we can get Americans to stop cheating in MMOs, the only other solution is to just ban China. Please proceed with the flurry of “It won’t work. If you ban China they will just…” posts.

  2. Seridove says:

    Actually, a good friend (and someone who used to work for Warcry Network) actually DID ban China once..purely by accident..but it made me giggle :D

  3. Prisma says:

    I like the change in your banner, very cool!

  4. Trinity says:

    Thanks! I was going to write a thank you post to the artist. In fact, I’ll do that right now. :)

  5. Pasanda says:

    The problem with banning entire countries, is the age-old ‘tarring everyone with the same brush’. What if they decided to ban Americans because the majority of sellers came from there? If it were me, i’d be very quick to call it a type of discrimination.Then you have to bear in mind the income china can generate for companies that are only really here for profit at the end of the day.

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