(Guide) My Sims Kingdom: Helping Tim

The first time you visit the zoo, you will run into Tim who gives you a camera. You will need to take pictures of animals you find roaming around, then go back to the zoo to give Tim the picture. He disappears (probably to go get the animal) when you do this so you can effectively just give him the pictures one at a time. He returns when the time of day changes.

Finding the animals is a little more complicated. If you walk around the zoo, you will find labels on each cage that tell you what each animal likes so you can figure out where to find them. However, some of the objects they like are not in the game by default so you will need to craft them with your Synth-O-Tron.

Since it’s easy enough to walk around and make your own list, I won’t put mine here. Go on… don’t be lazy! :)

I’m still working on my Synth-O-Tron crafting guide so in the mean time, here’s a list of the crafted items you need and how to get them:

  • Tree stump – 2 hexagons
  • Totem pole – planet + bubble
  • Scarecrow – 2 question marks
  • Snowman – 2 bubbles (bottom slot)
  • Gate – planet + leaf/fire/heart/water/diamond/star
  • Bench – heart + leaf (and also bubble + leaf/fire/heart/water/diamond/star)
  • Swing – water + bubble (right slot)

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