Last weekend, Steam was running a half-price sale on Left 4 Dead so my gaming buddies were on my case to “get it, get it, get it”. So I finally gave in.Since everyone who has ever played the game only has good things to say about it, I figured it was a sound decision. And it was!

In L4D, four characters – Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoe – are stranded in a city that has experienced some catastrophe that has turned everyone else into a zombie. Your team’s objective is to reach a rescue spot where a transport will pick you up and take you away to safety. You can play it in single player mode with the other characters controlled by AI, or you can also team up with other people in co-op mode. You choose one out of four scenarios to play and each one is divided into five segments. The segment ends when you reach a safe house, allowing you to replenish your ammo, pick up new weapons, heal up, and take a bio break.

Now, first of all, I’m not the “first person shooter” type of gamer. I don’t like not being able to see my character and I don’t enjoy running around and killing everything in sight. But I think my real problem was that all the FPS games I’ve ever tried were war games and I don’t enjoy that. Now zombies are another matter. They’re mindless, souless, foul beings that are out to eat your brains so they certainly deserve to die!So Sunday night, I jumped into a game with my friends and had a blast. I think I didn’t do too badly either, for a first timer. I killed my fair share of zombies – mostly because I didn’t know better and would often barge boldly into a roomful of them, and I didn’t hurt my team mates too badly. See, unlike other games where your allies seem to be immune to your bullets, in L4D they’re not. You can hurt them just as much as the zombies if you’re not careful with your aim.

So if you’ve been thinking of getting the game, I encourage you to. You can find me on Steam as TrinityDivine.Oh, and I always play Zoe.


  1. Is great that you enjoy this fabulous games, is a blast when playing with friend!

  2. Have you installed the update?

  3. AOLpogoGames says:

    this game is so cool!

  4. LoJo says:

    I love L4D too, its lots of fun! I’m just like you I’m not a huge FPS fan but L4D has provided hours of fun with friends.

  5. waiting for updates to the website!

  6. Interesting and useful info – thanks for informing all of us. Nate

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