Things will never change…

After a week or so off from the ‘Moors, I decided to finally just log back in. Isn’t it funny how things work sometimes? While I was away, there were some epic battles going on, but the minute I log back in, nothing. Seriously, I mean nothing was going on. Ok, nothing is not the correct word to be using in this instance. However, I shall explain what really goes on when someone says “nothing”.When a creep says “No, there is nothing going on” they mean one of a few things:1) Literally, there are no Freeps what so ever out and everyone is PvEing.2) There are some Freeps out, but they are all stuck at GV, Ost, EC, in some form of blue keep and are not coming out.Or3) There is a Freep/Creep zerg going on and no one really wants to be around it but there is nothing else to do so they do it.I am almost positive this happens on every single server. Some servers are worse off than others, but it is basically the same all around the board.So anyways, here I was on my first day back from my mini-vacation and there wasn’t a thing to do. I was a bit annoyed at this aspect. I mean come on! Can you all please stop farming GV for a few hours to let some of the others who do not wish to camp it have some fun too? Ok, you don’t want to, that is fine, you just enjoy your camping. Oh, and if they get a bunch of people to run down and zerg you, do not whine or cry about it kthx!That is how I felt until I logged off 10 minutes later. After that, I did spend some time snooping around the official forums to see what was going on. There was again nothing much, more of the usual “I am better than you! No wai! I am better than you! Oh no, no, no! I am better than all of you!” talk. Until I stumbled upon an “Ask the community” thread regarding PvMP.It was interesting to see what everyone was wanting to add to the ‘Moors to possibly improve it. New map area, better Freep gear rewards, and some even just wanted the area deleted all together. All I have to say to the last one is be careful what you wish for! To be honest however, I do not think anything you add can fix the fact that with almost every single new update, Turbine changes the balance and one side is grossly over-powered than the other. Being optimistic, I am looking forward to seeing if Turbine can pull any of this off to make the Ettenmoors a much better place for Creep and Freep alike!

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