Two Tribes rocks out with Rockband 3 for Rock Band Relief Charity

Have you ever heard of Two Tribes? As it so happens, this was my first experience with the band and let me tell you, what comes from then is nothing but exceptional! The sound that comes from DJ/producer Alex Nahai and singer/songwriter Courtney Fortune is something that I have not heard before and it was a breath of fresh air to listen to something truly unique. I believe fans of Rock Band will be able to get behind them and enjoy not only their songs but enjoy playing to them as well!

I recently was able to ask a few questions about their new album and about the Rock Band Relief Charity.

How did Two Tribes get involved with the Rock Band Relief Charity?

John G. at Rock Band contacted me a couple months ago about getting involved, and actually at the time “Madly” was still a pretty new song.  But he thought it would be a great single to play and got us on board with Rock Band Relief.  It’s a really cool charity – I love the idea of combining music and gaming for a great cause.  So when you download “Madly” from the Rock Band Relief website or the XBox Marketplace, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.  I feel so lucky to be involved with such an awesome opportunity.

Is Two Tribes planning on doing more in the future with RockBand 3?  If so what can fans expect to see?

Definitely!  We actually just found out that our track will be compatible with the new Rock Band Blitz coming out this summer.  I’m thrilled, it looks really awesome (no controllers!).  Working with Rock Band and Rock Band Relief has been great, I’ve met so many new gamer and music fans, and it’s inspired me in the development of our live show.  I really want our music to be as interactive as possible.

Two Tribes is currently working on their debut studio album. What can the fans expect from it?

I think for both of us this album is like a dream project.  We spent a long time developing and redeveloping ideas until we arrived at something we feel is our sound for the first album.  I feel like it covers the spectrum of who I am as a singer and a songwriter, and most importantly it’s who we are.  The record is a mix of fun, flashy songs like “Madly” and “Manhattan Lights”, and more dark, intense tracks like one we’re set to preview called “Once Bitten”.  Working on this album with Alex is amazing, we have a really unique connection when it comes to the music and the whole thing has been a total rush.

When do you foresee the new album coming out?

We’re planning on a release later this year as well as the launch of our multi-media live show.  There’s so much in the works for us right now, I can’t wait to bring it all to light.  Rock Band has been great for that, getting the opportunity to have our fans become a part of the band with us and seeing “Madly” brought to life in 3D animation is absolutely incredible.

Are you ready to hear some great music for an awesome charity?! Check out the song “Madly” (click the link below!) and then go ahead and download it to rock out for a good cause! Do not forget to hit them up on the social networks!

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MADLYTwo Tribes

TWO TRIBES BIOTwo Tribes Madly

Two Tribes is an electro/synthpop duo that combines the innovative style of internationally acclaimed DJ/producer Alex Nahai and the distinct smokey voice of Seattle singer/songwriter Courtney Fortune. The two met one night in a recording engineering class at the University of Southern California. Alex, who is an accomplished DJ from NY’s CBGB and Ministry Of Sound, was drawn to Courtney’s unique voice which has been recognized by Glamour Magazine, The John Lennon Foundation and MTV. Both share a deft sense for songwriting and joining elements of music, multi-media, fashion and art. Together they create an explosive sound in the realm of electronic pop performance.

Their single “Madly” will be featured as an exclusive game on Rock Band 3 and Rock Band Blitz for XBox Live this year, and a part of the Rock Band Relief charity campaign. They are currently at work on their debut studio album.

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