We Are Community!


Gamer Girl Giveaway #5: Your favorite fantasy is XI.The number one reason that I play MMO games can be summed up in one word: community.Community is the reason that I flew to Oklahoma to meet up with some Dark Age of Camelot players and have some good old fasioned bar-b-que. Community is the reason that […]

Level = Experience?

Gamer Girl Giveaway #3: Her dog is named “AFK” Recently, I was chatting with some new recruits into my guild.  They dutifully applied to the guild, detailing what their level was, their accomplishments, and the amount of time they had hoped to play per week.  Being a social player, these types of facts aren’t that […]

In-Game Marriages..for real?

Gamer Girl Giveaway #3: Her ring tone is the “Dig Dug” theme. Recently I was invited to a wedding, where the after party involved killing a bunch of orcs. No, this isn’t some weird dream or movie script. This was, in fact, a marriage that happened in a virtual MMO game world.Many games actually even […]


11.21.07: That’s the day that the movie “Hitman” hit the theaters in North America. Having not played the game in particular (but having a bit of knowledge that it existed!), I decided that since no other movie playing interested me, I’d check it out. I tell you what..I did NOT expect to enjoy this movie […]

Im so drnk!

Gamer Girl Giveaway #27: You give out your phone number in binary. I was reading through the Windows Vista Magazine (Winter 2007 Edition) and came across a great little blurb titled: 5 things that can make you dumber. I just had to share what I felt the top 3 of the 5 were with you. […]

What’s On Your Christmas List?

I’m not sure about our other female readers out there, but I know my toes curl with glee every time I drive into the Best Buy parking lot. In fact, when I’m feeling down and depressed..I don’t head for the Tub of Double Chocolate Chunk ice-cream like my sister would, I drive out to Best […]

Guitar Hero

Gamer Girl Giveaway #12: The employees at GameStop know you on a first name basis. Most of my posts are going to be covering topics associated with massively multi-player online (MMO) games. But occasionally I’m dragged away from my PC to play a console game or two. Back in 2005, I was actually dragged kicking […]

I am a female gamer…hear me roar!

Well, with such an introduction by Trinity I think even I’m interested in reading what I write now! *grins* Honestly, it’s great to be writing here along with Trinity in a casual and laid back atmosphere, where we can sit back with our latte’s and bask in the glow of being a female gamer. Hrm. […]