How To Make Money Fast in Hay Day


Trinity shares money-making tips in her new iPad game addiction, Hay Day.

Five Most Thrilling App Games


Guest blogger Brooke Lawson lists what she considers the five most thrilling mobile games in the market today.

4 Most Stylish Smartphones for Female Gamers


Nadia reviews the best looking and most stylish gaming smartphones suited for women gamers.

Capturing Video Streams From Your iPhone/iPad


After about five hours of game time on my shiny new Plants vs Zombies game (fittingly subtitled “It’s About Time”), I was ready to sit down and start writing a review. I had taken a few screenshots while playing, but I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t capture the game in action. But wait […]

Status: Link Dead


It’s been months since I last wrote a blog post here and although that’s par for the course, I just wanted to break the silence and (sort of) explain why I’ve been away.. this time. The explanation is simple: my current job prevents me from doing so! Yes, unfortunately, this website is not my full […]

Everyone Thinks They Are A Developer

Angie's Blog

The title says it all. In every game I have come across, in every community forum for any game on any console, there is a select group of people who happen to think they know everything. Sure, they may know how the game works; they may have completed every single last accomplishment in said game; […]

Rift Anyone?


Trinity invites you to be her BFF in Trion’s MMO Rift.

A few thoughts about PAXEast 2011

Angelina PAX East

This past weekend has all really been a blur. Friday and Saturday were packed full of so many things to do this year on the show floor; I am not even sure where to begin! However there is one subject that kept crossing my mind while enjoying the show and her name is Angelina, my […]

Random Thought of the Week!

Good Morning my fellow gamers! As I awoke this morning after the Nor’easter that came through New England I realized a few things. One: Damn, I have to shovel a foot of snow off of a sloping driveway, this is going to suck. Two: I have no snow shoes. And Three: PAX-East starts the day […]

PAX East 2011!

Are you heading out to PAX East this year? Oh you’re not? Live too far away? Not enough money right after the holidays? Don’t you fret! The female-gamer team will be out there in full force giving you some great information as the convention goes on! Want to know about something in particular? Go a […]