The Secret World Update: Welcome to Kingsmouth


If you’ve been keeping an eye on Funcom’s MMO in the making, The Secret World, here’s some bit of news. Last week, Funcom silently launched a website featuring one of the locations in the game, only giving out clues to the fans who have been following the game. The website was discovered over the weekend, […]

Sims 3 World Adventures Can’t Take Off


It’s been a couple of months since EA released the first expansion pack for the Sims 3 so you’d think they would have ironed out the kinks by now. Well guess again. I bought a copy last weekend because I was getting a little bored with Riverview and its inhabitants.  Mind you, I actually did […]

Dragon Age Origins Over Achiever


So I finished playing Dragon Age Origins twice over and I’m still not done. Why? Because there are 25 blanks in my Achievement List! I know I’m being obsessive but I can’t help it. Actually I’m not so sure I’ll have the patience to play through all the different classes just to get the last […]

Dragon Age Origins: Oh Alistair!


For the past ten days or so, I have been obsessively playing Bioware’s latest role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins. Although my obsession with any good game is nothing new, there’s something about DA:O that drove me to blog about it today. But let me start from the beginning. DA:O is set in a fantasy world […]

Will Someone Fix My Spam Plz


Seriously.  This is my fourth week playing Aion and at first, gold (or kinah in this case) spammers were a minor annoyance.  Within a week, NCSoft had put in a quick fix so all you had to do was right-click on a spammer’s name in chat and that brought up an option to block that […]



Last weekend, Steam was running a half-price sale on Left 4 Dead so my gaming buddies were on my case to “get it, get it, get it”. So I finally gave in.Since everyone who has ever played the game only has good things to say about it, I figured it was a sound decision. And […]

First Honorable Kill


Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been playing a Death Knight on a PvP server with some friends, and although I’ve been taking it easy, my DK reached level 60 without too much trouble. Despite the server tag, I haven’t seen much PvP action either and I don’t even want to count […]

Sims 3 Pushed Back


I had been counting the days till February 20, the (original) release date for the Sims 3, and getting really excited about it and was going to put a countdown on my blog when… guess what? EA announced that the release date was being pushed back to June 2! Well, I for one would rather […]

Look Ma, I’m on a PvP Server!


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been drifting from guild to guild on my main character in World of Warcraft, trying to find one that suits my casual playing style. So it’s been like a search for the Holy Grail and I was on the verge of canceling my account when someone posted on […]

You Don’t Have To Be Original

Last night, my mage character in World of Warcraft completed a milestone. She became a Veteran of the Wrath Gate, which means that she completed a series of quests in Dragonblight leading up to a rather emotional cutscene where erm… Important Things Happen. I really don’t want to spoil it for those who have not […]