How To Make Money Fast in Hay Day


Trinity shares money-making tips in her new iPad game addiction, Hay Day.

Capturing Video Streams From Your iPhone/iPad


After about five hours of game time on my shiny new Plants vs Zombies game (fittingly subtitled “It’s About Time”), I was ready to sit down and start writing a review. I had taken a few screenshots while playing, but I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t capture the game in action. But wait […]

Status: Link Dead


It’s been months since I last wrote a blog post here and although that’s par for the course, I just wanted to break the silence and (sort of) explain why I’ve been away.. this time. The explanation is simple: my current job prevents me from doing so! Yes, unfortunately, this website is not my full […]

Rift Anyone?


Trinity invites you to be her BFF in Trion’s MMO Rift.

Got Myself a New Car!

My Vaklyrie Mk1

They introduced vehicles in Entropia Universe yesterday and, having used their legs to get everywhere in the past, the players went wild over them. The developers had announced that they were going to distribute cars for free to random lucky players during the day so people were either hanging out in the cities waiting for […]

Discovering Entropia Universe Part 1: Noobs Need Not Apply

Ms Trinity Divine

I first discovered Entropia Universe in 2008 while doing convention coverage for IGN Vault at Gencon in Indianapolis because Mindark had a booth there. Back then,  it was still running under the old graphics engine so although the game mechanics appealed to me, the visuals didn’t. In August 2009, they switched over to the new […]

Wizard 101′s Sorcery Stones on iPhone


If you’ve ever played Wizard 101, chances are that you’ve played one of the most addicting minigames online. Sorcery Stones is a tile match game similar to Bejeweled but unlike the latter, you can only move tiles laterally and you don’t necessarily have to make a match when you move a tile.  In Wizard 101, […]

The Secret World Update: Welcome to Kingsmouth


If you’ve been keeping an eye on Funcom’s MMO in the making, The Secret World, here’s some bit of news. Last week, Funcom silently launched a website featuring one of the locations in the game, only giving out clues to the fans who have been following the game. The website was discovered over the weekend, […]

Sims 3 World Adventures Can’t Take Off


It’s been a couple of months since EA released the first expansion pack for the Sims 3 so you’d think they would have ironed out the kinks by now. Well guess again. I bought a copy last weekend because I was getting a little bored with Riverview and its inhabitants.  Mind you, I actually did […]

Dragon Age Origins Over Achiever


So I finished playing Dragon Age Origins twice over and I’m still not done. Why? Because there are 25 blanks in my Achievement List! I know I’m being obsessive but I can’t help it. Actually I’m not so sure I’ll have the patience to play through all the different classes just to get the last […]