The Lord of the Rings: Online Riders of Rohan to launch September 5, 2012


Turbine announces a launch date for LoTRO’s Riders of Rohan.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan


WBIE unveils the latest LotRO expansion.

Everyone Thinks They Are A Developer

Angie's Blog

The title says it all. In every game I have come across, in every community forum for any game on any console, there is a select group of people who happen to think they know everything. Sure, they may know how the game works; they may have completed every single last accomplishment in said game; […]

Red 5 Hires Frag Doll Founder


Morgan “Rhoulette” Romine is the new head of Red 5′s eSports division.

“The Secret World” Location Preview Released

tsw_videopreview has the exclusive on the latest TSW video.

Rift Anyone?


Trinity invites you to be her BFF in Trion’s MMO Rift.

(Guide) TDU2 Ibiza Photographer Locations


A guide to all the Ibiza photographer locations in Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Starting over…

For the better part of three years, I have played on one specific server. I have grown in my gaming with the people around me and have made several gaming buddies. Those times were fun and I had a blast! I thought my server was the absolute best! What could possibly go wrong right? Oh, […]

So they call me Mellow Yellow….

That is how I felt the other night. After a kick ass battle between the Grimwood Lumbercamp and E.C. it all of a sudden died. Were there boat loads more creeps than freeps? No, not really, we were about equal in numbers. So why did they leave? Who knows, they got wiped once and then […]

A PvPing we will go…

The Adventures of  an awkward War-Leader: Friday night, US Primetime: I call the war-leader to come out and play. She has not seen the dark of night for quite a while and needed the exercise; she was getting a bit slow. Now, the war-leader never comes out unless there is a group of Creeps running […]