Best of 2008


As part of our year-end features on IGN Vault, staffers were asked to write up our personal “Best of 2008″ lists of games we played the most for the year. You can find the original article at this link, but here’s what I wrote on my list.2008 was a great year in gaming for me […]

Rick Rolled!

For about a whole week last week, I kept waking up with Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up” stuck in my head. The reason? I kept getting “rick-rolled”! If you’ve never been rick rolled before, here’s how it works. Pranksters will send you an innocent looking linky that turns out to be… a […]

I Am Annoy!

The gold sellers have invaded the Burning Sea! Over a week ago, FLS Community Director Troy Hewitt (Aether) issued this announcement, to the delight of many: This evening, Flying Lab Software staff issued a series of permanent bans as a result of gold selling activities by players of Pirates of the Burning Sea. Additionally, 24 […]

POTBS Vault Launches

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks or so: Pirates of the Burning Sea Vault! I wasn’t going to write it up here only because I’m shy about promoting my own work , but hey, it’s a blog about games in general and MMO’s in particular and an excellent fansite […]

PotBS Stress Test on Fileplanet

I got an email from Fileplanet yesterday announcing the second stress test for Pirates of the Burning Sea. While stress tests are generally not a good first glimpse of a game because you will no doubt be plagued by server overload problems which may make it unplayable at worst, it’s not a bad way to […]

Q&A With Kevin Maginn of POTBS

Pirates of the Burning Sea lead designer Kevin Maginn a.k.a. Isildur graciously answered a few questions I had about the game economy design recently. I was going to incorporate his answers into the article I wrote on the economy but I think the interview deserves its own spotlight, so here it is.

A Closer Look At The PotBS Economy

Ahoy mateys! And that’s about all the pirate talk I know. Pirates have never been my “thing” and in the great Pirate-versus-Ninja debate, I would probably choose monkeys (ie. I don’t like ninjas either). It’s not that I have anything against either one. I’m just not interested in them, period. While some might consider this […]

Gamespot PotBS Interview @ PAX

Someone sent me this link today and I just had to post it because it’s an interview with our favorite Pirates of the Burning Sea developer Lindsey Krassin. Enjoy!

PotBS Release Date Announced

Flying Labs Software’s John Scott Tynes has just posted an announcement on the Pirates of the Burning Sea official website that they have a release date: January 22, 2008. By that time he says, the game will have been in development for 5 years and in beta test for 2 years. Quite a journey it […]

Burning Sea Stress Test Open To All

Just in case you missed the announcement on the Pirates of the Burning Sea website, there will be a stress test starting today and it’s now open to everyone on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in helping out with the stress test or can’t wait to see what the game […]