I Got A Lightsaber!

A few months ago, when I first returned to the galaxies, my friend Mel and I both started Jedi characters, just because we could and heck I’ll admit it – I’ve always wanted to play with a lightsaber. Well, Mel has since deserted me for his shooter games and Tabula Rasa, and I grew tired […]

A Place to Call Home

I was chatting with an old friend from World of Warcraft a few days ago, catching up on each other’s past, present and future MMOs, and he mentioned that he used a “free weekend” offer from SOE to get ingame and pay upkeep on his house in Star Wars Galaxies. And he says, “I don’t […]

“Why Does My Vendor Look Ugly?”

I’ve been maintaining this website for over four months now and I’ve made it a habit to check my access logs everyday, just to get a feel for what the readers are looking for. I get about a hundred hits from readers doing Google searches everyday and usually, I try to write more about stuff […]

SWG: What They Did Right

Well we all know what they did wrong and I’m pretty sure the developers do too, by now, but I’ve hardly ever seen any positive write-ups on my newly-rediscovered MMORPG, Star Wars Galaxies. It’s almost as if everyone is afraid to say anything nice lest they stoke the devs’ egos and start another round of […]

Keeping It Simple

Last week, SOE released a big patch for Star Wars Galaxies which fixed many existing bugs and introduced some new things – Chapter 6.8: Masters of the Wild. It was a rather hectic week for me so I really hadn’t been keeping up with SWG news as much and didn’t even know there was a […]

The SWG Galactic Senate

Last week while browsing the Star Wars Galaxies forums in the course of some “important” research (ie. if the Bestine museum curator still sold painting schematics ), I happened to notice a new forum called “Galactic Senate”. After doing some research, I found out that the senate was formed not too long ago and that […]

Trinity’s SWG Notes

So what does Trinity do when she’s overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to find the time to balance work, social life, gaming and writing? That’s right, she starts a new blog! Well technically, the new section on my website is not really a blog. I’m just using the blogging software (WordPress ftw*!) to organize my […]

SWG: The Urban Sprawl

“Establish your place in the city – Build a home, open a cantina, even establish your own city…” – Star Wars Galaxies ad Well, I tried. After weeks of enduring the endless buzzing of flies and scuttling of rodents across Tatooine, I thought I’d leave the planet for a bit and went exploring last weekend. […]

SWG Through A Returnee’s Eyes

I just finished decorating my new home on Tatooine, so let me sit in my cozy little living room and start my musings on what it’s like to return to the galaxies after all these years. It’s been a couple of weeks since Mel, Sunne and I came back. Our friend Quland has joined us […]

Iereth Becomes A Jedi (and gets rescued by Han Solo)

It’s been almost a week since I got my Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Adventures in the mail, installed it, and reactivated my rusty old account. For some reason, my old dancer/pistoleer turned Jedi seemed to be wealthy so I decided to start a new character on the old server so she could become my […]