Kids Socializing in Virtual Worlds

Most of us have heard of virtual worlds like The Sims Online, Second Life, There, Entropia, etc., where adults dress up and socialize. Well, last weekend, a friend of mine sent me this link to a news article that talks about kids socializing in virtual worlds created for them. We’re not talking about My Space […]

Linking Virtual World Economies

The controversial Anshe Chung, that “avatar” who made millions of real dollars selling virtual real estate in Second Life, announced sometime this week that her company, Anshe Chung Studios, is “preparing to launch a virtual financial market” that will link virtual assets between different gaming worlds, e.g. Second Life, Entropia Universe and IMVU. Quite honestly, […]

My Second Life Experiment

A few months ago, I got interested in Second Life when I heard about this entrepreneur who made millions selling virtual real estate (hey now isn’t that a contradiction?). I was wondering what was so interesting about this “game” and why it seemed to be much more successful than The Sims Online or There. I use […]