A few thoughts about PAXEast 2011

Angelina PAX East

This past weekend has all really been a blur. Friday and Saturday were packed full of so many things to do this year on the show floor; I am not even sure where to begin! However there is one subject that kept crossing my mind while enjoying the show and her name is Angelina, my […]

Singstar for the PS3

I’ve had my eye on a PS2 game called Singstar! for a while now but I’m holding out for the PS3 version. Of course I don’t have a PS3 so that makes for a rather expensive karaoke gaming experience indeed. I’m that kind of a buyer though. Some people buy the console first regardless of […]

MMORPGs in the PS3′s Future?

It’s no secret that Sony’s PS3 is currently losing the “third generation console war”, if one were to even admit that there was such a thing. While the Wii continues to outsell its rivals, and the Xbox 360 struggles to maintain second place, the poor PS3 remains in third position largely due to a lack […]

Manhunt 2 Release Delayed

Game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software, of Grand Theft Auto and Bully infamy, has announced that it will delay its release of Manhunt 2, the first game to be banned by both the UK and Ireland. The bans, which were announced on Tuesday, caused a ripple in the US as a coalition of educators and child […]

Sony Junks 20-gig PS3

The most prominent tech news today is all about Sony’s decision to stop producing the lower-end PS3 so they can concentrate on the 60-gig version of it. This decision was reportedly made based on sales and marketing figures, which seem to indicate a higher demand for the 60-gig rig. While I cannot claim to have […]