The Secret World Update: Welcome to Kingsmouth

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Funcom’s MMO in the making, The Secret World, here’s some bit of news. Last week, Funcom silently launched a website featuring one of the locations in the game, only giving out clues to the fans who have been following the game. The website was discovered over the weekend, so Funcom finally announced it.

Visit the official website for Kingsmouth, a location featured in Funcom’s upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game The Secret World. Get to know the location, the inhabitants and the happenings of this sleepy seaside New England town, brought to you by the talented web designers at the Kingsmouth Chamber of Commerce. Just remember: Dark Days are Coming. Kingsmouth may not be so sleepy for much longer.

I think that’s a really cool way of introducing game content.

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