POTBS Vault Launches

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks or so: Pirates of the Burning Sea Vault! I wasn’t going to write it up here only because I’m shy about promoting my own work ;) , but hey, it’s a blog about games in general and MMO’s in particular and an excellent fansite for a much-awaited MMO just launched so there you have it!

I’m particularly proud of the fansite’s staff – we have a couple of talented guide writers who know a lot about the game, my blogging pals Jobildo and Keen are on board, plus and I’m getting a lot of help from a few other Vault Network veterans.

So, let the flogging… I mean, the fun, begin!


  1. Keen says:

    *Cracks the whip and breaks out the ale*

  2. Prisma says:

    Good Job, it looks great and a one stop read to get all the information I want :) Thank you!

  3. Thats great Trinity, looking forward to some juicy infos once the NDA drops. The three of you should be a great source for whole community.

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