First Honorable Kill


Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been playing a Death Knight on a PvP server with some friends, and although I’ve been taking it easy, my DK reached level 60 without too much trouble. Despite the server tag, I haven’t seen much PvP action either and I don’t even want to count […]

Look Ma, I’m on a PvP Server!


For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been drifting from guild to guild on my main character in World of Warcraft, trying to find one that suits my casual playing style. So it’s been like a search for the Holy Grail and I was on the verge of canceling my account when someone posted on […]

You Don’t Have To Be Original

Last night, my mage character in World of Warcraft completed a milestone. She became a Veteran of the Wrath Gate, which means that she completed a series of quests in Dragonblight leading up to a rather emotional cutscene where erm… Important Things Happen. I really don’t want to spoil it for those who have not […]

Best of 2008


As part of our year-end features on IGN Vault, staffers were asked to write up our personal “Best of 2008″ lists of games we played the most for the year. You can find the original article at this link, but here’s what I wrote on my list.2008 was a great year in gaming for me […]

Heroic Firsts


From guildless bum to member of a hardcore guild, Trinity completes 2 heroic dungeons and gets some phat lewt to boot.. all in one night!

War of the Devs


Yesterday, published an interview with World of Warcraft game director Jeff Kaplan entitled “Allegedly Blocked from Beta, WoW Designer Plays WAR Anyway“, where Kaplan describes his experiences playing  Warhammer Online in a not-so-favorable light.  Later in the day, the same website published a rebuttal from EA/Mythic’s head honcho, the feisty Mark Jacobs.

New WoW Pet: Chilly the Penguin


It’s been a while since I logged into my Wrath of the Lich King beta account, not because I didn’t enjoy it but because there were too many other things happening. So today I thought I’d check in and see what’s new. After a couple of hours patching the client, I finally got on and […]

So I’ve been playing WoW again…


I’ve been getting flak from my friends for letting the tumbleweed grow on this blog so here I am!And yes, the unthinkable has happened – I’m back in the land of Azeroth. But this time around, I’m taking it easy. No more hardcore raiding stuff, just playing solo, working on quests, taking the scenic route […]

Barrens Chat, Chuck Norris, and Yer Mom

Having been away from the Vault Network for over a month, I was trying to get caught up on VN activity this morning when I came across PallyDog’s latest blog post , PallyDog being the site manager for the WoW Vault fansite. She writes her blog from the perspective of a gamer mom having to […]

Oh What A Wonderful World (of Warcraft)

As usual, I was finding it hard to focus on a topic for today’s blog so I decided to go blog-hopping in the hopes of finding inspiration, and here’s what caught my eye.