(Guide) My Sims Kingdom: Helping Tim


A guide on helping Tim get the animals back to the zoo.

Mystery Case Files Goes DS


I had to go into my local Gamestop yesterday to cancel a preorder (because I had found a better deal online, if you must know why) and while I was there, someone walked in asking about new DS games. A couple of weeks ago, I had been at the same store and didn’t find a […]

Dress Up Your DS

Gelaskin for my DS

I’ve been wanting to brag about this totally cool new skin that I got for my Nintendo DS for a while now but my general busy-ness just got in the way. Last week though, I brought the DS with me to PAX and someone noticed it and wanted to know where I got it. So […]

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

If you like puzzles and a good story, you’ll love this one.Professor Layton and the Curious Village is classified as an “adventure story” developed for the Nintendo DS by Level-5 but I think it’s really more of a puzzle game. The professor and his assistant, a young boy named Luke, are called in to help […]

My Pal, the DS

When I first got my Nintendo DS a few months ago, I never expected to play it all that much. The idea was for me to have something to do while waiting… for dentists, doctors, bureaucrats, etc. to see me. A magazine or a good book would do just as well but hey I’m a […]

My Sims DS


Trinity gives My Sims (DS) a 4.5 out of 5.

My Sims DS: My Review

Having officially clocked 17 hours, 21 minutes and 24 seconds on my main character, not to mention the undocumented time I’ve put in rolling and re-rolling my characters, I think it’s about time I wrote a review on My Sims for the Nintendo DS. Besides, my fan club (which consists of a few of my […]

Those Addictive Sims

I always thought that a handheld gaming console (ie. Nintendo’s DS or Sony’s PSP) was meant to be played when you are on the road or somewhere away from your state-of-the-art gaming machine with matching high-end flat-screen monitor/TV. It certainly beats reading a two-week-old well-thumbed issue of People Magazine while waiting at the dentist’s office. […]

Drawn To Life: putting that stylus to use

The other day I got spam advertising a new game on the Nintendo DS called Drawn To Life. The game allows you to draw your own hero, his weapons and tools, as well as other objects in the game – plants, animals, you name it. I’ve always admired the innovativeness of the DS’ touchscreen and […]

Lord Bane Is Dead

I finally beat Lord Bane! I’ve been playing Puzzle Quest in story mode ever since I got my Nintendo DS last April and for the longest time, I was stuck at a quest called “Final Battle”. When I first took the quest, the boss Lord Bane, was two levels above me at 45 and he […]