Starting over…

For the better part of three years, I have played on one specific server. I have grown in my gaming with the people around me and have made several gaming buddies. Those times were fun and I had a blast! I thought my server was the absolute best! What could possibly go wrong right? Oh, so very wrong.When I decided to start PvPing, I went in with an open mind knowing that I would be playing against some of my PvE buddies. I told them that even though I am on the other side, nothing has to change. I mean come on, this is a game. If someone is going to get all huffy over a game, them maybe it is time to log out for a long while. So for the better part of my time there, the PvP was great. I had hardly any trouble with people. I was respectful to them as they were to me.Things started to change though. People started actually getting mad over some thing that would happen out on the battle field. Names were being called, false reports were being put into the GMs just to get someone in trouble. I did my best to stay out of the way of those “bad apples”. Hey, it was none of my business. Sadly, that did not remain the case.The harassment started out as just gentle picking on. I had a thick skin, I could take it! Besides, these people were my buddies, they were just fooling around like they normally do. But over the course of a few months, the harassment got worse. Almost to the point where I refused to log into my PvE characters anymore. It was no longer fun to log onto the PvE side with these people there. Even with them on ignore, it was almost  unbearable. The things people would say in /ooc and /GLFF; it was a constant hate-fest against Creeps. I just did not want to deal with it anymore.So with free to play being released for LoTRO, I decided to start over with PvE. I, along with a few other full time Creeps went to one of the new servers. We will still PvP on our home server, but this would be the best to stay away from the home server drama. There we would not have to worry too much about what people were saying about the others who PvP’d there because we do not know them. Yea, that sounds kind of bad, but sometimes, you have to think of it that way. Especially if you want to enjoy your time in PvE land as a PvPer.

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